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"This is BRILLIANT... In covering a topic that is rooted in outdated dogma, Paul humorously challenges the very foundations upon which "time management" are based and magnificently overlays a timeless, more expanded, 'celestial' perspective. This is a phenomenally practical guide that gives you a step by step set of inspiring actions to a more productive, mission based life."

- Dr John Demartini
International best-selling
author of The Values Factor

“GOD, if I only had more time!”
This is something I have said to myself on many occasions over the years, way too many times to even take a guess at how often. It wasn’t meant to be a prayer as such, but rather a desperate plea to something or someone greater than myself to give me just a few more hours in the day. Surely that wasn’t too much to ask, right?
"It’s time to ditch the clock and finally manage the areas that you can control, taking your first steps to achieve heaven on earth!"
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